10 Best Apps that Pay you Money (Money Making Apps 2020)

By | August 25, 2020

10 Best Apps that Pay you Money (Money Making Apps 2020)

Did you know that a smartphone can be a money-making gadget? maybe not. So, here’s the news: Here are 20 of the best and highest paying apps that actually help you make money.

The highest paying apps

And if you’re already using one of the more lucrative apps, I’m sure you can add something more and make clean money in 2020.

More Details:

To do this, let’s see which apps pay the most in 2020.

After reviewing some of the apps, here is a list of my own to help you turn your smartphone into a real money-spinner.

But why use apps?

You may be wondering why you have to waste so much time and effort using countless apps to make that money. Admittedly, making money from these most paid apps will not make you a millionaire directly.

However, apps are very useful if we look at mobile usage patterns. Most Americans use smartphones and apps on public transportation, wait for someone or relax without much work.

You can use these great apps to make money in your free time. There are other apps that work well. They can also be used to make money from side gigs.

Top Paying Apps of 2020:

Before downloading the most paid apps and starting to use them, here’s something very important. Some apps allow teens over the age of 13 to join the highest paid apps program. For others, you must be at least 18 years old.

1: Swigbox

Swigbox has been around for a long time. Join Swigbox and download their app. You can create online surveys, play games, watch videos, create swap stacks, and much more. Swigbox offers 7,000 free gift cards every day for purchases on Amazon, Walmart, and other high-end locations.

When you complete an online task, Swigbox credits some SB points to your account. You can get cash on PayPal or Amazon, Walmart, and other shopping vouchers.

Swigbox usually only allows teens over the age of 12 to become members of their online survey community under parental guidance, you can also check out the reviews.

2: Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is available throughout the United States. With this app, you can make 18 to 25 25 per hour by providing packages for Amazon. Membership is only open to people over the age of 18 who have a valid driver’s license.

You can select delivery slots in your area. This app also shows your daily earnings along with any points from the customers you have created. They pay every Wednesday and Saturday.

3: Inbox dollars

Personally, I find inbox dollars awesome and awesome. However, with all due respect, I will list them among the 20 best and highest paying apps for 2020. Inbox Dollar is also an online survey community that offers more ways to make money, such as playing games, citing, and swap stacks among others. They offer a $ 5 signup bonus once your registration is accepted.

They are very generous with their points. For example, I scored 2500 points with a single general survey that only took 20 minutes to complete. And their surveys are very interesting.

On the flip side: Inbox will suddenly disqualify you for surveys after a long time. Therefore, your efforts are in vain. You can also view reviews about Inbox Dollars online. Second, the number of points needed to earn 5 points is much higher than other apps in this genre.

4: Acorn

Acorn is an amazing app that helps you convert small to large investments. It seems impossible so I will explain how it works. Download Acorn and link to your credit card and debit card. Each time you make a payment using Encourage, the app will take your bill to the nearest person.

For example, if you’re paying $ 9.99 for something, Acorns will debit from your card. Change – 1% – automatically goes to your investment account. You can invest in stocks, mutual funds, trade foreign currencies, and other investment options to convert all savings into savings. You can invest up to 5 less on these high-value options.

Acorns credit 10 credits to your account as soon as you download the app and make the first transaction. It also offers cashback for selected purchases.


5: Click Worker

Do you have good computer skills? Download ClickWorker and start making money almost instantly. ClickWorker shows jobs that are immediately available around your location.

Once you choose to work on the ClickWorks app, the customer receives a notification. Upon completion, the user pays the click worker. Your earnings are instantly displayed through the app. Click

6: Robin Hood

You may not find any indication of the market for stocks, currencies, and commodities but you want to invest. If this is the case for you, download and use Robin Hood, one of America’s best and friendliest app for small investors. You can invest a minimum of 5 5 on stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and other instruments with Robin Hood.

They also allow you to buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, regardless of how much you are investing. Robin Hood has a system called ‘Fractional Shares’. This means that even if your investment amount is much less than the actual value of the entire stock, you can buy a share.

Once you sign up, you have the chance to win free stock in a large corporation like Facebook or others like Microsoft – or at least one high priced share win 200.

7: Storm

And if you are serious about making money from your smartphone, download Staram X. This is one of the rare apps that pay you in bitcoin. All you have to do is play games, answer questions, enter quiz competitions and sometimes, do weird online surveys or post a comment.

Hurricane X rewards you for your efforts by depositing some bitcoin, some satoshi, or a portion into your account. Given the high value of the bitcoin, the single largest cryptocurrency in the world, this is an app that can really make you rich.

A word of advice: Download a nice bitcoin wallet on your smartphone along with Storm X. You can always transfer your Satoshi to a bitcoin wallet. This will ensure that you control your income.

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8: Rocket

In fact, Rakuten is a very popular website and a new version of App Abbots that Americans are actively using to get great cashback and discounts from numerous online stores. Japanese retail giant Rockin now owns the app and includes a number of new and amazing features that help you make some indirect money. Money Making Apps 2020

You can shop through the Rocketin app to get at least a 5% discount on your daily and household needs from stores or online. And the best thing about Rakuten is that they don’t give you free shopping vouchers. Instead, they deposit cash into your debit card, bank account. They also run a referral scheme that can help you increase your income.

9: Walmart

Also talk about the Walmart app, which is very popular in the US, when it comes to cashback and discounts. The Walmart app offers daily discounts, free shipping, and of course cash, whenever you use the Walmart app for online or in-store purchases at Walmart and other partners. Walmart offers more bonuses if you pay using the Wallet feature on the app.


In addition, Walmart sends you special offers and discounts and access to specific products, especially during the festive and holiday seasons and during sales. This will help you save a few dollars on groceries and other bills. In fact, they have a daily offer which means you can really save money every day.

10: User testing

Do you like to try new things like computer games, videos, software, websites, and many more? Get involved in user testing by downloading their app on your smartphone. While user testing is one of the best and most paid apps for 2020, here’s what you need to know about it.


They ask for your reviews through the voice recording feature in their app. Therefore, it is important that your recording crystal is clear, accurate, and contains the information the company is looking for. Depending on the complexity and time, you can earn anything from 2 to 25 per test. Money Making Apps 2020


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