Best GPS Navigation And Map Application In Pakistan

By | August 23, 2020

Best GPS Navigation And Map Application In Pakistan

Wego is a free app that makes it easy to navigate cities, whether you need a taxi, public transport, or self-driving.
Book a taxi on the same tube or navigate with detailed routes, turn-by-turn directions, and information on every way around.

Best GPS Navigation And Map Application In Pakistan

Best GPS Navigation And Map Application In Pakistan

More options, less hassle:

If you are in a hurry, take a taxi or book the next ride. Here are recommendations for all ways around Wego. Just compare and choose what’s best for you.

Make great plans before you go

Vigo tells you everything about your trip before you end your trip here. You can view the costs of public transit tickets and taxi fares, find parking spaces, and learn about traffic delays on any drive.

The best guidance:
On the go, Vigo can easily get you to your destination. Alternate sound guidance for drivers helps you stay behind the wheel. If you’re on the move or taking public transit, here’s a guide to every step and every move you need.

Everything needs to move:

We show you the alternatives here when delays are slowing others down. Direct traffic and public transit information keep you informed, so be flexible no matter what. You can even download maps to your device, so Vigo works here where there is no network signal.

International coverage

Download the map you want and you’re ready.

So where are you going It’s all up to you? Because whatever your destination is and yet you are traveling, here is how you get here.

(Just so you know, running GPS in the background for long periods of time can actually reduce battery life.

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Note: Taxi ride bookings are available here in selected cities. Check to see if it is available at your location.

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