Check MEPCO Online Bill 2022

By | November 22, 2021

Check MEPCO Online Bill 2022

Check out MEPCO online billing at THIS official website to easily view your MEPCO duplicate bill. You can view your current bill amount, due date, and full bill here. You can pay Mepco WAPDA bill by downloading or printing a copy.

All you need is your 14-digit reference number to check your MEPCO bill. If you do not know where to look for it, please see the red light section inside the image below:

Check MEPCO Online Bill 2022

Check MEPCO Online Bill 2022

Check out the MEPCO online bill:

Now, whether you are looking for a Mepco to get your duplicate Mepco bill, enter your reference number in the field above to see the amount bill. is a handy app / website that makes it easy to get MEPCO utility bills.

About MEPCO:

The acronym for MEPCO is simple, its acronym is Multan Electricity Company. MEPCO is a public limited corporation established on May 14, 1998. The company is responsible for electricity distribution services in and around Multan, Punjab, Pakistan.

Areas under MEPCO

Multan Electric Supply Company supplies and maintains electricity in the following cities:

Check MEPCO Online Bill 2022

So, if you want to check the electricity bill of Multan (electricity bill) or the WAPDA bill of any other city which is shown in the table above, then you have come to the appropriate site. Just enter your bill reference number to see the latest Mepco bill. If you are looking for a mobile app, you can find the Mepco Bill app here.

Also, check:

If you have not received your Multan electricity bill, go to ( to create a duplicate bill and pay it to avoid late payment fees. So, to get your mepco online bill for the last month of October 2021, November 2021, or September 2021, use your 14-digit reference number above.

Residents of Garden Town Multan can also get their duplicate bills here. If you are looking for Mepco’s official website, you can go to


Mepco Bill Information:

On, you can quickly see the bill amount with a due date, and then you can also see the full bill where you have to pay the meter reading date, bill issuance date, and after due date. Can find the amount. Surcharge etc. If you want to see if your bill has been paid, you can also check the status for last month’s bills. You can do this by opening the full bill and going to the bill payment date, where you can see the last 12 months payment date and amount paid.

Mepco working hours:

MEPCO recommends reducing power consumption during peak hours, which will help reduce your electricity bill and stabilize power supply throughout the region. Mepco’s working hours are as follows:

Additionally, you can read the instructions on the back of the bill to find out how you can save electricity.

How to check MEPCO online bill?

  • Here are the steps to check MEPCO bills online:
  • Visit the website
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number.
  • You will now receive the latest bill with due date.
  • Click ‘View full bill’ or download a copy of the bill to view the full bill. is the best website to check your bill amount on all types of devices (desktop / mobile). You only need a 14-digit reference number to view the Mepco online bill. Which you can find on any old bill copy.

MEPCO Bill Check Email Service:

You can subscribe to monthly bills by providing your email And you will be notified by email every month before the due date.

So, forget about any other bill checker websites, and try and you will like this (unofficial) service.


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