Netflix Android App Gets Major Volume/Audio Improvements

By | January 25, 2021

Netflix Android App Gets Major Volume/Audio Improvements

Popular video streaming platform Netflix is ​​launching a new update that promises better audio quality on Android devices. The update will offer better sound in noisy environments, and better performance over slow mobile data connections. It will also fix for sudden volume changes in the Android app. This will improve the sound management in case of an action scene, which changes the volume.

A recent announcement:

According to a recent announcement, the company has implemented an extended HEAAC with MPEG-D DRC (xHE-AAC) audio codec on the platform of devices running Android 9 and later. The technical aspects of this implementation are complex.

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All in all, however, Netflix now promises studio-quality audio for all compatible devices.


In addition:

The new system features variable bit rates, which means that the sound quality will vary with the quality of your Internet connection. If the connection allows, the platform will improve the quality of the audio, otherwise it will return in case of faulty connections.

While many people don’t like watching Netflix on their smartphones, it will make it easier to stream media to your phone, especially when you’re watching without headphones. Plus, Android tablet users who don’t have to enjoy good quality sound will generally benefit greatly from this update.

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