The Best Webinar Software Platforms Complete Guide 2020

By | August 21, 2020

The Best Webinar Software Platforms Complete Guide 2020

Best Webinar Software

Webinars connect users with their audience in a powerful way. Instantly, users tailor their messages to individual preferences.

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What is a Webinar?

The webinar helps users and participants to the audience through the Internet. As it allows them to communicate effectively with participants.uickly communicate, respond, and seamlessly without a session. After the webinars, the live question and answer session explained the messages and personalized them.

What is a Webinar?

An online meeting or presentation in real-time via the Internet is known as a webinar. All over the world, people connect with the audience through this online event.


Webinar Features

  • Interactive
  • Ability to argue
  • Send and receive information
  • Multilateral Conference
  • Download and watch videos and presentations
  • Text chat
  • Digital board
  • Pools and surveys
  • Desktop sharing
  • Recording broadcasts

Webinars are also known as web events, webcasts, web lectures, virtual events, an online seminar.

The market for webinars:

The webinar market is enjoying steady annual growth as they are considered reasonable and significant cost savings can be generated. Webinars are engaging because they are personal, life, and interactive. The average viewing time for webinars is increasing each year as it helps participants learn and understand more quickly.

What is the webinar software?

Participants can share audio, documents, and applications with webinar attendees using webinar software. Presenters can share desktop applications and documents through webinar software. It offers video file sharing, live chat for participants, screen sharing, support for multiple presenters, pre-recorded video and conference options, calendar scheduling, and invitations. You’ll find live Q&A tools, feedback forms, and polls.

Key Features of the Webinar

  1. Webinar software features
  2. How to use a webinar software solution?

Education – The teacher does not have to spend time and money traveling to reach a wider audience of students. Silently sitting at home or elsewhere, participants can contact the webinar


You can build long-term personal relationships with customers. You can demo your product in real-time and answer questions and follow up. It shows that you care a lot.

Training – You can train members of organizations through web conferencing technology which will save companies money and time in travel expenses. In addition, webinars can offer a collaborative environment where you can put everyone on the same page and engage easily.

This will help you with product presentations, software training courses, meetings, online interviews with multiple people, and press conferences.

Why are webinars important for every business?

Webinars are valuable to any business because they can provide great value. You can sell without having to sell hard.

It keeps the audience engaged. You can invite guests to your webinar to help the audience benefit. It’s easy to get attracted to affiliates with proven webinars. From anywhere in the world, you can chat with hundreds of people.

It is powerful because it helps lead generation, sales, and training. You can contact your target group directly and reach them directly and then both. This saves time and money and helps you interact with your target group.

How to choose the best Webinar software?

In the marketplace, you will find different versions of webinar software – commercial, free, free meme, cloud, and open source.

Commercial webinar software. This software or program is designed to license or sell to end-users. It serves a business purpose.

Free webinar software:

With free webinar software, you can create free accounts and host your own webinars.

Freemium webinar software. Business owners or service providers allow the user to use the basic features of a service or product for free or for a limited period of time.

Open Source – This allows you to host virtual training programs, work with peers, and provide personalized support to learners without incurring heavy monthly fees.

1: Big Blue button


This free webinar tool is designed for higher education. This enables universities and colleges to provide a high-quality learning experience to students in remote areas. You will find this virtual perfect for learning. It facilitates online video meetings. Enjoy this effective conferencing tool for your external clients.

2: Apache Open Meetings

The number of users can participate in this session as there is no limit. This free browser-based software lets you quickly organize a conference on the web.

For remote and streaming, it uses the media server’s API functions. The only place to get updates is the Apache website.

Main Features:

  • Instant messaging
  • Webcam and recording support
  • Microphone and screen sharing

3: Mikogo

Mikogo is a free webinar software solution that helps you have a great online meeting or web conference with full features. Sitting at your desk, you can share any on-screen content or application on the Internet. With up to 10 participants, you can take advantage of this opportunity in true color quality.

This free screen sharing solution aims to make web conferencing and online meetings easier. It offers a wide range of interactive tools with special features. This includes award-winning HTML viewers. Within a web browser on any computer or mobile device, this HTML viewer allows participants to join. You will find Mikogo free phone remote access software for small phone conferences.

4: Yoga

Here are the leading providers of SaaS web conferencing solutions Yoga. Everything you need will be found in this free webinar software. For Mac, Windows, and Linux it includes online meetings and web collaboration services.

You can use this software in webinar hosting, training sessions, and product demonstrations. It’s easy and fast to get started with Yoga

5: Month

MCQ is an open-source webinar software built into the upper part of the Big Blue Button. It’s completely customizable. To increase your online attendance rate. You can share documents, chat with other team members, and schedule events.

6 Jetsi

Their site provides a comprehensive general questionnaire that includes many valuable topics. If anyone is new to the world of online video conferencing, this unique benefit will undoubtedly be helpful. On iOS and Android JetsyMate apps, this open-source webinar software offers mobile capabilities.

Custom URLs will allow you to transfer files and send invitations to professional webinars and video conferencing to your participants. It has an active support community. Its integrations include Google Hangouts, Microsoft Outlook, and Facebook.

This focuses on video conferencing capabilities and security features, including echo cancellation, encrypted passwords/messages, and noise suppression. The software is best suited for large groups.

If you are looking for a webinar solution above all then WebinarNinja will meet your expectations. In a nutshell, it helps you design and implement webinars. This app is considered a handy tool for hosting interactive webinars and online programs. This is a powerful webinar for training and coaching.

You can access customizable webinar pages with the help of an integrated editor. The automatic email feature helps users to send instant registration, reminders, and confirmations without any hassle.

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You can easily create registration pages, create email notifications. Participants can run live, automated, series, or hybrid webinars. With automatic recording and archiving, you can view statistics, send follow-up emails, and resubmit playlists after your webinar.



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